Wall Stories

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Augmented reality

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  • UX, Concept
  • Art direction
  • Animation

Kids have this fascinating ability to be amazed by all the little things and to bring a new meaning to all aspects of our everyday lives. It's that spirit that inspired us to create the app and the interactive decorations of Wall Stories. The collection has four augmented reality wall decorations all triggered by an interactive app. Each piece explores a theme between music, reading, colors and numbers to stimulate kids' curiosity and learning capabilities.

What I did ?

I conceptualized with the interactive team the flow and the user experience of the interactive AR application and games. I designed the application, animations and games in collaboration with Sego Durand, a french illustrator commissioned by wall stories for illustrations assets. After designing, I brought stickers to life by rigging characters in Unity and animating illustrations.

Text du media
Text du media

The sticker comes to life!

Point the sticker with the Wall stories application, the hero of the sticker comes to life! The child can choose between three different activities: to play the dedicated interactive game, to read the hero's story or to reveal his creativity directly on the sticker.

Gallery of UI screens from For Honor
Behance Music 2_1
UI screen from Wall Stories App after finishing a game
UI screen from Wall Stories App in the search-and-find game

It's time to learn, and play!

Learn while having fun through educational themed activities, counting through a search-and-find, developing memory with the simon game, mixing colours, or even discovering letters!

Icons from Wall Stories App
Picture of a child holding an Ipad while playing with the Wall Stories app
Picture of a child holding an Ipad while playing with the Wall Stories app

Boost up the sticker

Release your imagination to make stories. Augment the real sticker with accessories placed in augmented reality.

Comp 3
Gallery of UI screens from Wall Stories

A story to share

Discover the hero's journey through a story, directly on the tablet.